100% Blue Agave

Radiant and crystalline medium-bodied Tequila with a smooth velvety taste, where citric notes such as orange blossom, grapefruit and lime stand out, complemented with dashes of raw agave and black pepper, bringing a smooth-mildly fruity finish, that leaves a pleasant, slightly spicy aftertaste.

Aged for 11 months

This radiant golden colored Tequila has been aged for eleven months in Medium-Roasted, American White Oak Barrels, which give it a flavor with a perfect balance between Herbal and spicy notes such as orange blossom, raw agave and black pepper, and sweet-woody flavors where caramel, vanilla and Hazelnut stand out.

Woody-Spicy Bouquet

Where hints of cooked agave, caramel and vanilla perfectly blend with aromas of pepper and dark chocolate. This Deep Golden-hued Tequila which has been aged for eighteen months in Medium-Roasted, American White Oak Barrels, display a never-too-sweet, woody flavor, where spices such as clove and black pepper mixwith flavors such as dark chocolate, maple syrup and butter leaving a mildly herbal aftertaste where cooked agave and orange blossom are present.

A very appealing bouquet

Where a combination of lavender, citric and sweetly woody aromas blend in harmony. After spending eleven months in a Medium-Roasted, American White Oak Barrel, this Reposado undergoes a Carbon-Activated filtering process which grants it a brilliant glow with a faint but noticeable golden hue. In mouth, there is a balance of Orange Blossom, Black Pepper and Lavender notes which lead to a pleasant and well-rounded finish where sweet Hazelnut, cooked agave and Lavender notes stand out.



Every great project starts with a dream. Tequila Galán started as a way to pay homage to all dreamers that change the world by living life authentically walking their own way, proving others that dreams, when followed with heart, can be reached.


For those who choose to live their life by their own rules, dare to dream and risk to walk where no one has walked before; to those we dedicate Tequila Galán, a tequila that celebrates that inner passion we all have, the spark that makes us amazing and authentic.


For those who prove that the sky’s the limit we created this tequila, because they are the true embodiment of the spirit of the Galán.


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